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credit analyst, financial statement analysis, financing proposal writer, Business plan writer, financial writer, business writer
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I have more than 6 years experience in the Banking Industry as a credit analyst. I have worked with major Indian as well as MNC Banks. I have been freelancing as a credit analyst with a Singapore based Bank for tha past few months.

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Dans les secteurs d'activités suivants:
Banking Industry, Financial services industry

Domaines de compétences:
Credit analysis, Loan proposal writing, Business plan writing

Directions concernées par les interventions:
Financial Management Marketing Management General Management

Types d'interventions:
Credit proposal writing

Formations suivies:
Credit appraisal, Fundamentals of credit analysis

Post graduate degree in Management and Graduate degree in Technology (Civil Engineering)


Skills Summary

u Strong Analytical skills

u Strong understanding of Financial concepts

u Good communication & presentation

u Good understanding of Industry dynamics

u Proven Multitasking & prioritization

u Decision making

u Efficient Stakeholder management

u Ability to perform under tight schedules
and resource constraints


Credit risk analysis/ approval risk management
u Preparing detailed financial analysis
report for identification of potential credit risk issues and for recommending
sanction of credit limits with requisite credit enhancement measures. This
includes ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines and internal credit policy
of the Bank

u Assessment of credit risk of large
corporate clients for assigning credit rating as per Bank’s internal credit
scoring model and preparation of credit rating report.

u Management of credit application process,
including assessment of credit risk in the credit proposals, conducting credit
committee meetings and preparation of recommendations for credit proposals.

u Review of legal loan documents including
the facility agreement, the legal opinions and/or any other legal opinion for
ensuring compliance to the sanctioned credit terms and conditions.

u Preparation of credit application for large
corporate proposals which includes profiling the corporate entity in details
with regards to its products, business model, track record, industry analysis,
financial analysis and future projections. Detailed financial modeling was
carried out for projecting cash flows and preparation of proforma P&L and
balance sheet

portfolio management
u Management of quality of credit portfolio,
which includes analysis of credit portfolio through monitoring ratings wise
exposure on customers, tracking the sector wise exposure, monitoring of single
exposure limits, monitoring of group borrower limits.

u Preparation of portfolio analysis reports
for regulatory and/or management reporting.

u Maintenance of client portfolio which
includes, keeping track of repayment, prepayment, delay in repayment, reporting
of any delay in repayments, ensuring client’s compliance with stated approval terms
& conditions and maintenance of credit MIS

u Maintenance of quality credit portfolio
through identification and monitoring of high risk accounts. High risk customers were identified based on
the payment track record, utilization pattern of credit facilities, requirement
of temporary overdrafts etc

credit monitoring and control
u Management of quality of credit portfolio,
which includes analysis of credit portfolio through monitoring ratings wise
exposure on customers, tracking the sector wise exposure, monitoring of single
exposure limits, monitoring of group borrower limits.

u Management of Bank’s credit/ loan policy by
ensuring adherence of credit proposals to the existing policy and updating the
policy for reflecting changes in the regulatory/ legal / head office policies.

u Design and implementation of portfolio MIS
for generating early warning about high risk accounts.


Mizuho corporate bank, limited- Mumbai, India

Senior Credit Risk Analyst, Credit Risk Monitoring Department, Feb 2011 to October,

ICICI Bank limited – mumbai, india

Credit Manager, Corporate Banking Group, Jan 2010 to Feb 2011


Credit Analyst, Credit risk Management
Group, Jun 2006 to Dec 2009


institute of rural management, anand – gujarat, india

Post graduate diploma in rural management (PGDRM) – 2004 to 2006

(Two year full time course recognized as Master’s level course in Management)

national institute of technology, kurukshetra –
haryana, india

Bachelor of Technology – Civil Engineering – 1999 to 2003

year full time course recognized as Bachelor’s level course in Technology)


Formations animées:

Outils informatiques maîtrisés:
MS Office, MS Excel

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Quelques références:
United Overseas Bank, Mumbai

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